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Zvonimir Bužanić (fx) (born 19 June, 1980) is a Croatian deathmatch & Compet-n player who currently holds few records.


In 1994 Tomislav Mihalić (Mihha) showed him Doom II and ability to play deathamtch over LAN (IPX/SPX). In that time Doom II was commonly played only by keyboard, but after a while combination of mouse and keyboard became standard.

He was a part of Croatian game clan ZAP which was led by Tomislav Mihalić (Mihha). Tomislav invited Sven Huth (Dasa) to Croatia where Zvonimir played few deathmatch games with Sven.

ZAP was later abandoned by Tomislav and Zvonimir took the leadership. ZAP was very well known in Croatia because on every Doom II HINLA tournament that was held, the ZAP team won. ZAP was then renamed to ADISON because of sponsorship, and after great success in the HINLA competition the former ZAP team was dissmissed.

Zvonimir continued to play Doom II with Marijo Sedlić (Sedlo) and they visited Budapest two times to play on LAN against famous Compet-n maintainer Adam Hegyi, Istvan Pataki and Laszlo Vacsei (Waldon).

From 2000 till 2008 Zvonimir was maintaining Croatian Doom portal ( former In year 2011, Zvonimir's portal was redesigned by Alen Stojanac (Q) and was also moved to another server and address:


Tomislav Mihalić (Mihha)

Oliver Marčetić (Biolio)

Alen Stojanac (Q)

Goran Žauhar

Dorijan Jelinčić

Marin Sesar (Saint)

Sven Huth (Dasa)

Marko Štifanić (Fritz)

Marijo Sedlić (Sedlo)

Adam Hegyi

Istvan Pataki

Laszlo Vecsei (Waldon)

Goran Šćeta (BullfroG)

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Macro quotes Marin Sesar used for Duke Nukem: "Mess with the best, die like the rest...." - Mihha "Ako ti je zivot mio, budi bolji nego Lio..." - FX (translated: If you want to live, you must be better then Lio...)

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