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Active Volcano Zone is the sixth zone in Super Sonic Doom.

Act 1 Begins in a volcano that has a pathway which leads to some floating platforms to cross a path of lava. On the other side, are Springs that bounce you over the main shaft where the lava goes, but be carefull, you dont want to be caught bouncing over it when it passes through! The Boss here is A Spider Mastermind. The Music for this Act is "Lava Powerhouse Zone", Sonic Spinball/Genesis Version.

Act 2 Starts with Springs that bounce you to the higher part of the level where there are enemies. This act is much harder, it features falling platforms, rising lava and e.t.c. The Boss here is at the Top of the Volcano and shoots out Plasma Lasers. When shot, it will go Inside the Volcano Hole and Form A Podium that will Shoot Fire Balls. The Music for this Act is "Mystic Cave Zone", Sonic 2.

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