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Zombie Slayer is a zombie mod for the Doom 3 engine coded and animated by Bryan Henderson. Even though using the Doom 3 engine, the game doesn't adopt the classic first person shooter style. Instead it adapts a very creative mode of striking keys at timed intervals to produce a result (usually success or death) or to choose different paths.

This gameplay mode is not only original in this engine, but makes for a fresh, fun way to play a game that took me back to the mid 90's when there was more diversity in gameplay styles.

Obviously for most, the fun part that makes Zombie Slayer so immersive is the amount of cutscenes and custom animation that fill in all the gaps, present the action, and depict your deaths and escapes. The next greatest thing would be that this is a true fan work, created by one individual (other than music and voice acting).


We start as Doomguy, but he has a name this time (you'll have to play it to find out), and we've just been awakened from our slumber by the zombie horde that is deformed marines and lab technitions. We raid our locker for some grab n' go weapons and we're on our way - to kill zombies!

Step 1 is to make it to a meeting area where the surviving marines have taken shelter. This first level is where the cinematics get introduced to us with a lot of fun. Close call Zombie kills, leaping over a horde down an enclosed hallway, and almost dying as a lab technition almost takes too long to open the door as Doom blasts holes in the heads of approaching mutant monsters.



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