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Zen Dynamics is a complete ZDoom partial conversion created by Xaser. The game includes features such as

Zen Dynamics Gameplay Screenshot

reloading, selecting and deselecting frames, cutscenes, new monsters, new levels, new sounds, and 13 new weapons.

Zen Dynamics weapons

  • Machete:Occupies slot 1,and it's the starting weapon in the WAD.The alternate fire blocks and reflects most projectiles(like the Hell Knight ones).
  • Ancient Bloodsphere:Also occupies slot 1.It draws the player's health as ammo,firing about 5 blood balls,while the alt-fire causes the player to throw it,dealing high damage,and sucks about 25 hit points from the player.
  • "Street Sweeper" 12 gauge Shotgun:Sometimes called of "Tommy Shotgun" (because of the ammo drum),this weapons fires only one shell,but it's alt fire causes the player to pump one more shell on the barrel(3 shells being the max),instantly killing a revenant.
  • "Ego Smasher" Advanced Shotgun:It's essencially Zen Dynamics supershotgun,holding 16 shells on it's belt.One shot is more then enough to dispatch a revenant.Has no alt fire.
  • "Viper" .357 Magnum:Occupies slot 2,acting as a pistol,even though it's shots gib lesser monsters as zombie men and demons.It's alt fire shoots all the bullets in its barrel(six),dealing quite high damage.
  • "Stinger" Assault Rifle:One of most versatile weapons in the WAD,it uses heavy caliber bullet clips as ammo.It's alt fire fires a grenade towards an enemy,dealing mid-high damage.
  • Dual Plasma Sub-Machine Guns:Acts as the plasma gun from Doom,except it's dual wielded.Main fire causes the weapon to fire,continuously,plasma ammounts,while the alt fire shoots plasma balls,dealing more damage but eating up more ammo.
  • Nailgun:Fires high speed "spikes" towards enemies,one being more then enough to kill a commando.It's alt fire eats 2 nails per shot,firing a total of 5 mini-nails.
  • Advanced Railgun:It's main fire mode projects a trailed instant hiting slug,while the alt fire fires more rapdily.
  • Fusion Rifle:the last weapon found,it shoots a green energy ball that rebounds at walls,and the alt fire shoots the same ball, that stops after a few steps of the player then explodes in a rain of small energy particles,being particularly useful for crowd control.

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