Zedek attacking the player in his tomb

Zedek is the leader of the Legion and one of three bosses on Hexen's last hub, the Necropolis, and uses the Fighter's sprites.

Zedek now serves Korax as a zombified warrior. Like the other class bosses, he can be fought at any time in the Necropolis. His only attack is using the Quietus. In his level, Zedek's Tomb, players can actually run towards the end wall inside the room in which Zedek awaits them, and then turn around to perform the first strike on him once his pedestal completely rises up. Like the other class bosses, Menelkir and Traductus, Zedek will move in erratic strafe-like patterns as he fights, making him harder to hit. Zedek has 800 hit points, and killing him will reward the player with the Glaive Seal, which must be brought back to the Necropolis to unlock the portal to the Dark Crucible.

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