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ZanZan is a total conversion created by Edmundo Bordeu of ACE Team. It requires Doom 2 and an old version of ZDoomGL to run, however an adaptation to GZDoom was later created by Pawel Zarczynski.

The players take control of ZanZan, a floating creature with many eyes and a long clawed arm. He sees the Earth as being an evil place and wants to destroy the planet. While he was sleeping for one year, Koocayam had already started a campaign against him. After an unknown event where ZanZan awakes and the Avedusa collapses, ZanZan discovers he is no longer immortal. Not understanding what has happened, ZanZan vows to find out what happened to his immortality, and find out what exactly is going on.

The total conversion is very short, with only three playable levels, but it has some replay, as there are multiple endings which depend on the player's actions throughout the game. There are a few weapons, but they are well implemented. Weapons such as the Fire Orb and Holy Blade work very differently from weapons in other TCs. The enemies and scenery are also well done, as they are all in the form of the MD2 models.

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