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ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom is a 2008 megawad by members of the ZDoom community which contains 30 levels, divided into three 10 map episodes. It requires ZDoom 2.2.0 or later to play (or alternatively, GZDoom 1.1.0 or later). Although the maps are divided into episodes and use the ExMx lump name scheme, the wad is for the Doom II IWAD.

The project was initially thought up as being a kind of Community Chest for the ZDoom engine. Each contributor would make a map as they so desired and the end results would be strung together. As contributors began to join in and discussion got underway, some actual rules and guidelines formed. In the end, the agreed upon set of rules was still fairly lax (e.g. mappers were basically free to do what they wanted thematically and for gameplay, as well as could submit multiple maps) while having just enough structure to try and maintain a cohesion between the maps (e.g. mappers could not implement their own new weapons, which would clearly break the flow when no other map has the weapon or ammo for it). As a result of these guiding rules and the community nature of the project, the maps vary greatly in architectural quality, theme, and gameplay design.


Authors and Contributors[]

  • Mappers (among other things)
    • Albino_Rhino
    • Captain Toenail
    • Hnsolo77
    • IcyTux
    • InsanityBringer
    • KeksDose
    • Nuke'em
    • Phobus
    • Skillsaw
    • Tormentor667
    • Vader
    • Xaser
    • Zippy
  • Other contributors

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