In any ZDoom-based source port, when a player is killed, an obituary message is displayed at the top left corner of the screen depending on the cause of the player's death. These messages are modified based on the player's name and gender (as programmed under player options), as well as the cause of death. Some monsters have two obituaries credited to them depending on which attack (melee or ranged) killed the player.

Zdoom msg

For example, when a player who calls himself "Doomguy" is killed, one of the following obituaries will appear depending on which monster or situation is credited with reducing his health to 0%:

  • Zombieman: "Doomguy was killed by a Zombieman."
  • Shotgun guy: "Doomguy was shot by a Sergeant."
  • Heavy weapon dude: "Doomguy was perforated by a Chaingunner."
  • Wolfenstein SS: "Doomguy met a Nazi."
  • Imp: "Doomguy was slashed by an Imp." (scratching attack) or "Doomguy was burned by an Imp." (fireball)
  • Demon: "Doomguy was bit by a Demon."
  • Spectre: "Doomguy was eaten by a Spectre."
  • Lost soul: "Doomguy was spooked by a Lost Soul."
  • Cacodemon: "Doomguy was devoured by a Cacodemon." (bite) or "Doomguy was smitten by a Cacodemon." (lightning-ball)
  • Hell Knight: "Doomguy was gutted by a Hell Knight." (clawing attack) or "Doomguy was splayed by a Hell Knight." (green fireball)
  • Baron of Hell: "Doomguy was ripped open by a Baron of Hell." (clawing attack) or "Doomguy was bruised by a Baron of Hell." (green fireball)
  • Arachnotron: "Doomguy let an Arachnotron get him."
  • Revenant: "Doomguy was punched by a Revenant." (punch) or "Doomguy couldn't evade a Revenant's fireball." (missile)
  • Mancubus: "Doomguy was squashed by a Mancubus."
  • Arch-Vile: "Doomguy was incinerated by an Arch-Vile."
  • Spider Mastermind: "Doomguy stood in awe of the Spider Mastermind."
  • Cyberdemon: "Doomguy was splattered by a Cyberdemon."
  • Player's rocket, exploding barrel, or voodoo doll-based telefrag: "Doomguy killed himself."
  • Damaging floor: "Doomguy mutated."
  • Crushing ceiling: "Doomguy was squished."
  • Spawn cube-based telefrag in MAP30 of any WAD: "Doomguy was telefragged."

Note: Commander Keens do not have an obituary credited to them, as they do not have any method of attack. Pain Elementals do not have an obituary because their attack is carried out by proxy monsters, namely lost souls.

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