ZDoomGL is an OpenGL port of ZDoom, maintained by Tim "Timmie" Stump. Originally it was developed by Michaël "Kokak" Ryssen, but once he got a job working at Ubisoft, development on the port slowed considerably (and eventually stopped). In 2003, Timmie picked up development, and rewrote the port from scratch to be up to date with what was, at the time, the latest version of ZDoom. The latest official release, 0.81, was released on August 7, 2005.

On Feb 13th, 2006, Timmie announced ZDoomGL v2, another rewrite of the engine. However, development stalled again and the project was ultimately abandoned, and no version of ZDoomGL v2 was released. Timmie later confirmed that he was no longer working on it.[1]


  1. "Personally I don't really have the time nor desire to do that anymore." "I stopped working on ZDoomGL." on May 02, 2010

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