ZBlood is a total conversion mod for Doom II. The original version, Blood TC, was started by Jeffry "Psyren" Graham, and Joseph "Doorhenge" Otey joined to help soon after; Maxim "DoomJedi" Genis created the face sprites for the mod. It is a recreation of the game Blood which used Ken Silverman's Build engine. ZBlood uses the ZDoom source port since it can more accurately create levels akin to those found in Build compared to the vanilla Doom engine. The ZBlood mod serves as an enhanced replacement for Blood TC. The mod contains new levels, new weapons, new sprites for the enemies and the player's character (Caleb), new bosses, new music, new sound effects, new voice-overs, and new power-ups and items.


  • Pitchfork (Fist replacement)
  • Chainsaw
  • Pistol (uses a new sprite)
  • Flare Gun
  • Sawed Off Shotgun (uses a new sprite, Shotgun replacement)
  • Tommy Gun (uses a new sprite, Chaingun replacement)
  • TNT & Zippo (uses a new sprite, Rocket Launcher replacement)
  • Spraycan (uses a new sprite, Plasma Gun replacement)
  • Life Leech (uses a new sprite, BFG 9000 replacement)


MAP01: Cradle To Grave

MAP02: Grave To Street

MAP03: The Sick Ward

MAP04: This Is Your Life

MAP05: Mall Of The Dead

MAP06: Un-Holy Crap

MAP07: Gothic Library

MAP08: Camp Crystal Lake

MAP09: Wrong Side Of The Tracks

MAP10: Phantom Express

MAP11: Dark Carnival

MAP12: House Of Horrors

MAP13: Butchery Loves Company

MAP14: The Siege

MAP15: Rest For The Wicked

MAP16: The Overlooked Hotel

MAP17: In The Flesh

MAP18: Hallowed Grounds

MAP19: The Great Temple

MAP20: Bowels Of The Earth

MAP31: Re-Return To The Cathedral (secret, accessible from The Siege)

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