Revisiting the classic E1M1 with some new twists.


Go in through the door in front of you, after you're inside go to the left and open the door and go through the door on your right, go up the stairs and hit the switch go back to the area where you entered the second door and the door that was jammed in place will have been opened and then kill the Zombiemen and imps go in the door on the left. Look familiar well it should because this is the starting room of E1M1: Hangar. Kill the zombiemen and imps and hit the switches in the two acloves and go retrieve your armor. Go into the hallway where you will be ambushed by imps and then go forward and go into the door in front of you and kill the Rapid fire trooper and imps then go into the air-lock in front of you and kill the rapid fire troopers and go outside. Kill the hellspawn there go inside and kill the monsters, afterwards go into the door on your right, and hit the switch to lower the Shotgun and grab it to kill the lights and kill the Stone Imp and demons. Afterwards grab the red key off of the pedistal and go out the door that was on the opisite side of the hallway were you came in the area where the door where the shotgun and the rest of the level is kind of like level that this map is based off of.

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