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This is for the UNIX source port. For the ZDaemon source port, see X-Doom.

XDoom is a source port for UNIX and UNIX-like systems written by Udo Munk. It can play levels created for Boom and includes several new features, some of which are not seen in other ports.


  • compatibility with Boom editing features
  • MUS music playback on systems supporting the OSS MIDI interface
  • playback of music from audio CDs
  • joystick support under Linux
  • translucent walls, fireballs, and explosions
  • a sound for the chaingun separate from the pistol
  • an in-game communications device
  • laser barriers and force fields
  • horizontally sliding doors
  • simple magnification to play on screens up to a resolution of 1280x800
  • support for The X Window System, SVGALib and 3dfx Glide framebuffers