Worner is a spy recruited by The Front in Strife.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.
Strife Worner Conv

After freeing the prisoners in the prison, Macil tells the player to destroy the power crystal found in the Power Station, since doing so will punch huge holes in The Order's defenses, allowing The Front to strike. The player is told to meet with Worner, a spy that The Front recruited. He is located in the Power Station in a warehouse where the peasants are working and being closely watched by Acolytes.

Worner appears as an ordinary peasant, but he is stationary and clad in red. When questioned, he claims that he stole an ID card from a careless worker who got killed in a reactor accident. The player is then given the Power1 key and told to masquerade as the replacement for the dead worker, in order to infiltrate the building and destroy the crystal. Worner also provides information about a weapons chamber found above the warehouse, but this is blocked by a force field; which can be deactivated immediately, but the door beyond requires the Gold Key to access.

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