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Wings of Wrath in Heretic E2M8

The Inhilicon's Wings of Wrath is an artifact that appears in Heretic and Hexen. It looks like a golden skull with bat wings. Activating Wings of Wrath allows the player to fly. In Heretic, it is a time-limited powerup that lasts for 60 seconds after activating it. In Hexen, however, the Wings are reusable until the player exits the current hub and the player can deactivate and reactivate the artifact; the player can press the Home key to drop to the ground and walk, and subsequently press PageUp to reactivate the Wings and start flying again.

Unlike other artifacts in both games, the Wings of Wrath may never be transferred between levels (except different parts of a single hub, in Hexen). If a player leaves a level in Heretic or a hub in Hexen with a Wings of Wrath artifact, the artifact will be lost. For other artifacts, the player can only transport one of each kind between levels in Heretic, and up to the maximum of 25 in Hexen.


  • In Hexen, a deadly fall can be escaped by activating Wings of Wrath. When the flight power kicks in, the player is suspended in midair and can fly to safety.