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Parias fighting two Wendigos.

Wendigos are enemies from Hexen.

These frostbitten fiends appear in only three or four levels, depending on the class the player is using: The Seven Portals (in the area with the second portal to Guardian of Ice), Guardian of Ice, Guardian of Steel, and Vivarium (when playing as the Mage).

Wendigos shoot two ice balls which fragment much in the same way as an Iron Lich's ice ball in Heretic. If the player's health is reduced to 0 and the finishing blow is from an ice ball from a Wendigo, the player will become frozen solid, then shatter after a short while.

Wendigos can be hurt by the Mage's Frost Shards despite being ice-based monsters.

Wendigos have no pain states at all (they never flinch when they are hit), so ideally they should be killed as quickly as possible. While they are easy to kill, with only 120 Hit points their projectiles can cause heavy damage so it is not advisable to engage them at melee range.