WadAuthor is a formerly shareware sector-based level editor written by John Williston. It is no longer relevant compared to modern level editors, although the extendability functions provided by its WCF files is still worthy of occasional usage. WadAuthor has not been updated for several years but was later released as freeware by its author.

Williston also released a password-protected collection of tools called the WadAuthor Value Pack that was intended for registered users. The password was later publicly released ("11A2B000DESTRUCT0").[1]

A pre-registered version of WadAuthor was included in the level design guide 3D Game Alchemy.


  • WadAuthor is dedicated to John's late father, who committed suicide in 1996.
  • The password "11A2B000DESTRUCT0" is a reference to the USS Enterprise-D's auto destruct code in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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