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wad2image is a command line utility for converting maps in WAD files to images. It is open source Python software written by Steven Elliott and released under the terms of the GPL License. The most recent version, 0.9.5, was released September 4, 2017.


  • Convert a specifiable subset of multiple maps in multiples WAD files to images.
  • Specify line color and thickness as a function of linedef type and sector type.
  • Create animated GIFs or color coded images to illustrate differences between revisions of a map.
  • Imitate Yadex or Omgifol style with included configuration.
  • Render things as sprites and or colored circles.
  • Rotate, mirror, scale and offset images.


With Yadex style (-c yadex argument) create an image for MAP03 (-n 3 argument) for the IWAD found on the default WAD search path (doom2.wad in this case). The map rendered is taken from the IWAD used (iwad positional argument):

Wad2image-example -c yadex -n 3 iwad

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