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Void is a wad made by Mike "Cyb" Watson. It was mostly influenced by the game American McGee's Alice though there are influences from other games as well. It uses a music tune "Exquisite" by the group TSEC.


The UAC is performing gateway experiments again. They accidently teleport a Cyberdemon into the lab, but before the Cyberdemon can kill the player and a scientist at the console, the entire scene is frozen by the Heresiarch. It then proceeds to send all of the marines (both dead and alive) and the Cyberdemon into a mysterious and rather surreal dimension. The level finally starts with the player falling a long way down and taking falling damage.


Void is notorious for its over-emphasizing of jumping and avoiding traps. The level is difficult to complete without dying. The Afrit, Dark Bishop, Reiver, and lastly the Heresiarch, all enemies from Hexen, make appearances in this wad. There are some new enemies: the Dark Imp and also spiders. The fist is much more powerful than it was normally, and is in fact, the Hexen fighter's spiked gauntlets weapon combined with the Doom fist graphics. The unmaker, a weapon mentioned in the Doom Bible and Doom 64, makes an appearance here. The weapon works like Heretic's Phoenix Rod. It shoots demon hearts which cause large impact damage and has a moderate splash radius. Ammo for the unmaker comes from slain demons.

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