Vegeta is a famous player in the Skulltag community. The opinions about him may differ, but everyone who you ask about him will know who you're talking about.

He founded two well known clans. First it was Argentina (also known as ARG), designed for players from the country only. Then as he and his clan mates wanted more players, from the whole globe they asked James to join, and Vegeta gave a new name for the clan, "The professionals" (based in the movie of the hit man Leon, clan also known as PRO.

With the pass of time, because of different ideologies Vegeta left PRO and resurrected ARG recluting all brand new players turning ARG stronger than ever.

When the time has come, ARG defeated PRO in scrims. Now the clan has become one of the strongest if not the strongest in the Skulltag's community, defeating legends like [LF] [DE] [WINNER] and others.

Vegeta's favorite weapon in combat is the rocket launcher which he uses with deadly accuracy, but also he is a master with plasma rifle, which he uses to kill players from Skulltag's elite with ease.

Vegeta is also known for the DOOM 2.5 mod, among other minor wads.