Doom (2016) maps

VEGA Central Processing is the twelfth level of the new Doom reboot. There are five secrets, and three Elite Guards located in this level. Field Drones and Argent Cells are absent from this level onwards.

In-Game Description

VEGA Central Processing

The internal operating temperatures of VEGA's plasma based neural net are high - extremely high. Early tests of VEGA's proto-plasmic circuitry showed temperatures exceeding 1.2 megakelvins (hotter than the surface of the sun). To contain this level of heat, a massive supercooled structure needed to be built to house VEGA's miles of circuitry and millions of processing centers. The was built away from the Argent Facility to ensure VEGA's secrets remained safe from prying eyes. Access to the VEGA polar core is strictly controlled. VEGA's design is so complex that that the study of its inner workings has been given its own field of study - VEGAcore Physics.

Artificial Intelligence

A note for all advocates regarding VEGA. At times, you may feel as though your every move is being watched. As if there is no privacy, and that even your deepest thoughts are being analyzed and processed by VEGA. You are not paranoid. This is indeed happening, but it is nothing to fear. VEGA's intelligence is vast and his power immense, but he is not omnipotent. Like all of us, his existence is monodimensional. He needs Argent Energy to survive. His circuits and cooling reserves are mechanical and can break down. At the end of his age, he will be another trophy for the dark masters, destined for display on the Great Steppe. It is essential for you to recognize VEGA for what he is - another tool to help open the gates, and nothing more. Like us, he can be manipulated and controlled. The vast intellect and understanding of the Titans of Hell far exceed anything VEGA is capable of understanding. Ultimately, his intelligence, like ours, is artificial.


  • Variety is the Spice of Death III - Perform 5 different glory kills on Imps.
  • Gore Piñata - Kill 3 demons with one Frag Grenade.
  • My Teeth are Sharper - Kill a Cacodemon with the Chainsaw.