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Are you admin of Doom Wiki or editor? That's nothing else matter.

I'm tired to EDIT THE PAGE "Doom music" . Everyday, when I edit this page, someone cancels my edit. Only you can do it. So, please edit this page. That's my notes.

  1. "Hiding the secrets" is based on "Down By Sewers" by the Stranglers, similar to Alice in Chains "We Die Young".
  2. "They're Going To Get You" is based on Alice Cooper "Killer", also similar to АукцЫон "Радиодиверсия" (English: Radio Divergence).
  3. "Donna to the Rescue" is based on Body Count "Body Count In the House", not on Judas Priest.

I will be grateful in advanceCacodemon Billy (talk) 20:09, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

Hello chap! Bit confused as to why you removed my addition of Fire by Venom in the Facing the Spider music section. Definitely belongs for a multitude of reasons.

RJ Badman (talk) 14:39, December 14, 2017 (UTC)

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