I dont want doom to ever end!!!!!!

Im running out of Megawads!!!! , is there any other good megawads outhere???, ive already played Alien vendetta, Hell revelead 1 and 2, TNT, PLutonia, Master levels, Scythe, etc...and i like this game so much becouse i just love killing monsters between my favorite metal music, i really love it and a big percentage of my psicological sanity depends on it, and i dont want it to end???!!! do you guys know my situation?? can anyone really help whit and endless list of megawads good as those up?? (exept Scythe maybe XD), maybe some magic software in which i can upload big list of individual maps??? AMAZING IDEA RIGTH??? im not a programer, but i think that such a program can ofer the oportunity of endless doom gaming....please create such aplication.