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With Doom 3 BFG Edition coming out, I thought it would be a good time to fantasize about the future of the franchise. Specifically, where do we want Doom 4 to go? This a list of my picks, but I am more curious to hear what you want to see happen with the series moving forward. Let me know in the comments section below!

1. A Doom 4 Release Date
I know. I have to say it. Doom, as a series, has been one of the most slow-moving franchise ever, despite the high demand for more content. John Carmack confirmed that Doom 4 would happen way back in 2007. Five years later, we are no closer to a confirmed release date than before. It's not technically a feature of the game, but it deserves mentioning: we want a release date already!
2. It's Own Story
Doom2 title.png
Rumors already exist about Doom 4 actually being a remake of Doom II. It has also been speculated that the game will return to Earth and will be a reboot of the franchise. Frankly, I would prefer Doom 4 break these rumors in half by being its own game, with its own story. I appreciate the sentiments that the series should return to its roots, but that doesn't mean we need a repackaging of old content.
3. Great Lighting
Some people disagree about what makes the Doom series interesting and certain which Doom game is the best. While not everyone thinks the game should be scary, I still think the lighting effects in Doom 3 were amazing. It helped create a chilling atmosphere and delivered some really shocking moments. The lighting effect was also groundbreaking and still holds up as a great example of the power of visual effects in world-building. Doom 4 should take this lesson from Doom 3 moving forward.
4. Better AI
Doom and Doom II had great enemies, even though they were not the most intelligent enemies in gaming history. Doom 3 smartened them up, but also removed some of the ways monsters could interact with each other. For Doom 4, Id should take some lessons from their own games and others
5. Co-op Play
Doom has always been about the awesome power of one man in the face of endless hordes of enemies. But in this day and age, with online co-op play the norm, it is about time Id Software lets players share the load. Two BFGs are always better than one. With friends, the game can also increase its difficulty accordingly and allow for some really well designed boss battles. Oh, and Doom 4 should take that title and really make a splash with four-player co-op.