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When I bought my original boxed copy of the Ultimate Doom back in the day, it came with a really cool poster of the title artwork which was unfortunately damaged and thrown away shortly after I got it.

I recently found a great quality, high resolution scan of the same poster:

Poster that came with the boxed version of The Ultimate Doom

I had a 20"x30" print of it made (thanks to the Walmart online photo center) which I framed and now have on my wall.

I've been thinking that it would be cool to make a print of the Doom II title artwork as well and put them next to each other. I spent some time googling around and the best I was able to find was this scan of a magazine ad:

Doom II advertisement

I sent an email to John Romero asking if he had a high resolution copy of the Doom 2 artwork. He replied back a few days later saying that unfortunately he did not, and that GT Interactive had created the box layout and that they've been gone since the late 90s.

A few days ago I continued my search and discovered that the artist who made the original painting that was used for the Doom II box art was Gerald Brom. I found his website and email address, and sent him a message explaining what I was looking for. Today he replied back to my email with this attached:

Original oil painting of the Doom II box art by Brom.

That's a 2000x2325 resolution scan of the original oil painting of the Doom II title screen.

I love the internet.