Greetings. I'm writing this blog here about my decision to adopt the Doom Wikia. As you can realize, the Doom Wikia is unfortunately semi-active for a long while, filled with outdated mess, half of the older templates/tables easily breaks when editing pages (already solved this on several pages before though), all admin members (with also the remaining two) barely active, multiple amount of deletion-flagged pages hardly been removed, and lack of features like the discussion portal for the community of users to chat. Everything in here needs massive improvement and updates (yes I do have coding skills), and I already did a test on what the Doom Wikia should look like for the future (used with my testing Wiki) once I adopt this Wikia site but keep in mind that the reveal was a possible placeholder so some things might be changed when used. That being said, the Doom Wikia should be qualified for adoption.

I also already did create an outstandingly cool, sinister banner in photoshop for the Doom Wikia's main page above the welcome intro. Hope everyone likes it. I like to note that the main page will even receive customized features like for the fonts, introduced "content" buttons, etc., so I'll plan to make the customized Wiki images and stuff in some other time.


By the start of March 1st, I will input an adoption request then wait for the Wiki FANDOM staffs' approval. So then, what do you positively think so far? Should I really adopt the Doom Wikia? What's your thought of me becoming Doom Wikia's new owner? Express your opinions and/or interests here in the comments and vote the poll.

EDIT: I notice that the bureaucrat just got back active for a little while when inserting few talk messages and deleted all of the pages since February 8th, so when it's March 1st or so, since he's possibly super busy with real-world stuff and barely have a time to stay majorly active in the Wikia, I'll send him a request for my desire to adopt the Wikia as a new, active bureaucrat.

EDIT2: While I'm super busy contributing some few Wikis I need to sort some issues out, I apologized for my long inactivity. I'll do my best to stay active to help fixing the pages with maintenance and later send the bureaucrat a request to adopt the Doom Wikia around late April, around the month of May, or later so.

EDIT3: Well... Hate to disappoint but I'm halting my adoption request, for now. Currently I'm way too busy helping and contributing in several Wikis. When Doom Eternal releases and after I completely beat the game, yeah I'm sure I'll go back and help cleaning and expanding this Wikia. See you later on the flip side, I guess.

Shall I adopt the Doom Wikia?

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