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A Doomer since 1994, and there hasn't been a single year without playing Doom!

I'm an "Oldschool" Doomer, which means that my favorite way of playing Doom is through DosBox (you could say I'm a "purist" too). I use source ports sometimes, but I make sure modern features (e.g. jumping, freelook) are turned off. I used the ancient Doom95 until 2007. Then I switched to (mostly) zDoom, which is okay too. I use it fairly often, as it has a lot of compatibility options, which allow the game to behave more like good ol' Vanilla. Today, I have a strong preference for Crispy Doom, unless I'm playing pure vanilla, of course.

I've made some (dreadful!) attempts at level design, but apparently it's not my cup of tea. I lack the patience to work on small details. But I'm more than happy to play other WADs made by the community. I love MegaWADs. My personal favorite is Requiem.

My Doom Collection

Favorite Custom WADs

  • The Apocalypse Project (APOCALYP.WAD) - First custom WAD I've ever played and still has a special place in my heart
  • Plutonia 2 - If you didn't get enough action the first time, get ready for an even greater feast of utter mayhem. A worthy sequel to the original PE.
  • Memento Mori - A true classic, an awesome experience. Highly recommended!
  • Memento Mori II - A worthy sequel, challenging and fun.
  • Requiem - Pure poetry! A serious DooM fan should have played this at least once (or better yet - twice).
  • Alien Vendetta - The name speaks for itself. Pushes the games to its limits.
  • Icarus: Alien Vanguard - Could this be Evilution's little brother? Interesting design style and fun to play.
  • Eternal Doom - Dark, nasty, borrows artwork from Heretic and Hexen. Could I possibly ask for more?
  • Demonfear - Short and to the point. Classic feel and gameplay. Excellent.
  • Scythe - Serious stuff. Great design and feel.
  • Scythe 2 - Amazing new environments and challenging battles. Great soundtrack too!
  • Hell Revealed & Hell Revealed II - Cause there is no better way to taste pure all-consuming madness.

Me on other Wikis

The Grammar Demon

Perhaps you've heard about Grammar Nazis, but this is the Doom Wiki, therefore our grammar rules are enforced by merciless Hellspawn :)

Bad spelling and grammar is the road to damnation, so if you don't want to spend an eternity in HELL, I advise you to be careful while editing articles. Besides, this will make reading this Wiki much more enjoyable for everyone.

This little guide below includes some of the most common mistakes nowadays - use it if you are in doubt and perhaps your soul will be saved.

It's and Its

  • It's = "it is"
    • Example: "It's time for you to go."
  • Its = possessive pronoun, meaning "belonging to it"
    • Example: "Watch out for that Arch Vile - its fire blast is deadly!"

There, Their and They're

  • There = denotes location, as opposed to "here"
    • Example: "I can see something over there."
  • Their = possessive pronoun, meaning "belonging to them"
    • Example: "The demons raise the dead to bolster their numbers."
  • They're = "they are"
    • Example: "Watch out for the Spectres. They're hard to spot in darker rooms!"

We're, Were and Where

  • We're = "we are"
    • Example: "We're going to be late if you don't hurry up!"
  • Were = past tense of "are"
    • Example: "The Marines were victorious yesterday."
  • Where = pronoun denoting place/location
    • Example: "Sarge, where is our backup?!?"

You're and Your

  • You're = "you are"
    • Example: "You're late for the party."
  • Your = possessive pronoun, meaning "belonging to you"
    • Example: "What happened to your friend, Dr. Betruger?"

Who's and Whose

  • Who's = "who is"
    • Example: "Who's in charge here?"
  • Whose = denotes possession
    • Example: "Whose BFG is this?"

Lose and Loose

  • Lose = to cease to be in one's possession or capability
    • Example: "You can lose a lot of money if you agree to this deal!"
  • Loose = free from restraints, unfastened
    • Example: "A wild demon is loose on the streets. Stay at home and lock the doors!"