So, my name is Sergeant Blige (Star Wars related, fan-made name). I first played DOOM II not long after the turn of the new century, but I could never get past The Pit, no matter how hard I tried. For years, I didn't play Doom again... until two years ago, when I played Doom 3. It wasn't like I remembered playing DOOM II, but the immersive storyline and horror kept me playing till the end. Not long after completing Doom 3, I played through DOOM and DOOM II, instantly feeling a rush of nostalgia, and completed The Pit after so many years, which has since been one of my greatest triumphs.

Favourite Monsters


To-do List

  • Create articles on Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil characters/PDAs
  • Create article on Armor Shard
  • Create article on Red Team
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