I'm Quasar, also known as James Haley. I'm the organizer of Team Eternity, and a principal author of the Eternity Engine and WinMBF source ports. Programming is my main forte, and so I tend to stick to things related to the original code, source ports, and highly technical issues. Don't be surprised to see me posting bits and pieces of the code to make a point ;)

Amongst the work I have done on Eternity are several things that were, at the time, technological breakthroughs for the Doom engine:

  • I invented the concept of parameterized codepointers (aka action functions).
  • I made the first codepointer capable of calling into a scripting engine.
  • I was the first to reach a full understanding of the R_MakeSpans crash due to scaling overflow that is present in every game based on Doom, leading to the implementation of 32-bit clipping arrays in EE (these were later superceded by/included within SoM's Cardboard renderer).
  • I created the Dynaseg system for Eternity which enables flawless rendering of polyobjects anywhere in a map.
  • I was instrumental in the creation of the UDMF standard for a new interchangeable map format that solves the problems of extension in modern sourceports.

Here are my contributions to the wiki:

In September 2008, our long-running effort to see the Heretic & Hexen source code rereleased under the GPL was successful. Thanks to Raven Software and in particular, James Monroe, for seeing the rerelease through.

I am now involved in a project to reverse engineer Strife and reconstruct its source code with the maximum possible fidelity to the lost original.

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