Weapon Name Ammo Type Alternate Fire Usage Requires Reload? Reload Ammo Max Ammo
FistNilRight hand punchNo0Infinite
ChainsawNilChainsaw Slicing UpNo0Infinite
Brutal AxeNilNilNo0Infinite
Brutal PistolBulletsHook smash with pistolYes16200
Brutal SMGBulletsZoom in firingYes41200
Machine GunClipsZoom in firingYes30600
ChaingunClipsIncreased Firing RateNoNil600
Assault RifleClipsFires Rocket, needs reloadNoNil600
ShotgunShellsZoom in firingYes10100
Super ShotgunShellsFires single barrelYes2100
Assault ShotgunShellsZoom in firingYes20100
Rocket LauncherRocketsZoom in firingYes6100
Grenade LauncherRocketsIncreased explosion timeNo0100
Plasma GunPlasma CellsPlasma Charge, costing 10 cellsYes50600
Rocket LauncherRocketsZoom in firingYes50600
BFGPlasma CellsNilNo0600
BFG 10KPlasma CellsNilNo0600
The UnmakerHuman SoulsNilNo0999
Hellish Missile LauncherRevenant's MissilesNilNo0999
Mancubus Flame CannonFlamesShort Bursts Of Flame FiredNo0999
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