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GhostlyDeath likes to talk in long unbroken sentences moving from topic to topic so that nobody has a chance to interrupts thus causing multiple lines on IRC chat with his thoughts when nobody is around to hear so it may seem that GhostlyDeath is talking to himself but GhostlyDeath is not but is not so you might want to wait until you are automatically redirected to GhostlyDeath and if you are not then you need to use Blazer which is available on the Palm OS but anyway back to the personal status of GhostlyDeath so he likes to play Doom alot and still uses a VCR but it recently broke as it does not rewind tapes which is really sad as the VCR is older than he is but other than such sadness he is a fanatical Debian user but does not believe in the open source movement and makes his own proprietary software.


Another popular thing with other user pages is the Todo section. The todo section lists stuff the contributor would like to do to add prop points, without actually doing anything. Example todo entries include "Korekt gramer n speeling off articals." and "Kleenup articals n remewve yousless infomashion".

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