I am a german Doom fan since ages. I use my nickname on various communities since i use the internet. I maintain, a website about censorship in video games, and are an administrator at Online Games DatenBank, an Game Database like the well known Mobygames. Both sites are in german, and have a strong focus on the german market and situation, according to censorship, banning and the infamous index of the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (english Wikipedia).

I don't really remember, where i first heard about Doom, but i remember the first experience with this game. Back in the 90ies, i played just with game consoles, and my first Doom version was for the SEGA 32X. It was an relevation, the first steps in the game sucked me into the tv. Since then i was obsessed with first person shooters, and especially Doom. Over the years more game console came, and i bought Doom for every single console. I even bought a Sony Playstation, which i hated, because it had Doom. This game was the reason, i bought a computer, it had a 486 DX4-100 from Cyrix, 8 MB Ram, a 1MB Trident SVGA Card and a 630 MB HDD. This machine saw immediately all the first person shooters back then. Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood and even Quake (320x200, sometime at a really choppy framerate).

Since i have a computer, i have fun with all map editors for Doom (DEU, DCK, DoomCAD, Wad Author, Boom Builder), but i never had released something. The only map i finished is a 1000-enemy Coop Slaughterfest for sessions with some friends from my Website. At the moment i have nearly finished a second map in the same style, but this time with 3700 enemies, which took nearly 2 hours to get through with 3 players. A first look can be found at Wads in Progress. I use ZDaemon since 0.98 and Skulltag whenever my buddies and me have time for a coop session.

I rarely can be found at the various Doom communities, for i dislike much of the behaviour of certain members, the only place where i was a member was the forum of the Doom Depot, where i contributed the complete soundtrack of the 3DO version of Doom, and had some conversion with one of the mappers of the Doom64 conversion The Absolution. A few month ago, i managed to record the complete Jaguar Doom soundtrack too and send them to the guy who maintain the Doom Depot, since then i hope he will upload it.

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