My name is BansheeRob, also known as PurpleChapofDeath on Zandronum.

About me

I played Doom since I was just 4 years old, which was the playstation port of the game. The horrifying nature of the game has scarred me for life until i was about 12 years old. Then I got hooked by the game, mainly due to its many secret parts of the level. Until today, I still spend some of my time playing this infamous milestone in gaming history.


I am very experienced with doom, mainly 15 years under my belt and is extremely profecient in it. I forgo speed runs, preferring to find the levels' secrets and gather as much items as I can. I do enjoy playing it on easy but sometimes I do play it on harder difficulties to push my limits. I always preferred the Shotgun for the most engagements while the Super Shotgun is more reserved for tougher enemies greater than a Demon or to kill a group of weaker enemies efficiently.

Evasion is always my primary concern, especially in Zandronum and I do like to dodge very quickly and making myself a very difficult target.


I am known as PurpleChapofDeath in the servers and I prefer Master of Puppets and Whodunnit over the other gamemodes giving to the quiet and discerning nature of the latter and the Horde-mode like nature of the former.

As mentioned above, I am a swift fighter and have a sharp eye for trouble as well as a chancer. (I'll pounce on exposed innocents in WhoDunnit, like a jaguar. :3}

I also enjoy a good laugh and spread jokes amongst the other players to livin' up the atmosphere.

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