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Urdak is the twelfth level of the campaign in Doom Eternal.


Nekravol's energy conduit has transported you to Urdak, homeworld of the Khan Maykr. The souls of Earth's victims flow here, converted into a source of energy for a dying species. The Khan Maykr will stop at nothing to save Urdak, even if it means the complete consumption of Earth. Prevent her from gaining control of the Icon of Sin and put an end to her plans once and for all.


  • Disrupt the Ritual
  • Reconfigure the portal to Earth
    • Align the Celestial Rings 0/3
    • Align the Celestial Rings 1/3
    • Align the Celestial Rings 2/3
    • Align the Celestial Rings 3/3

Mission challenges

  • Accessories Not Included - Acquire 1 Collectible Toy.
  • Inflight Devastation - Kill 12 Demons while in mid-air.
  • Angel of Death - Kill 5 Maykr Drones with Precision Bolt headshots.


Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Nontraditionalist.png Nontraditionalist Kill the Khan Maykr 30 Silver

Quick Travel Locatons

  • Infernal Demodulator
  • The Sanctuary
  • Guardians of Sanctuary
  • Abyss of Sanctuary
  • Dimensional Lacerator
  • Perse Harmonizer
  • Xanthous Harmonizer



DOOM ETERNAL Walkthrough Part 12 URDAK (Sub ITA)

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