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Urdak is the realm of the Maykr race and domain of the Khan Maykr. A hub of transcendent technology, the whole city is powered by a purified form of Argent Energy. According to legends, Urdak is considered to be a living being made of the souls of past Maykrs.


It has been stated that although Urdak appears of an angelic origin, it's still a technologically-driven domain. Maykrs don't appear to be mortal, but without the stabilizing influence of the Father they inevitably succumb to a state of mental and physical decay known as "Transfiguration". With the Father's influence, this would simply result in a voluntary death and rebirth. But without the Father, the Maykrs instead took to holding back Transfiguration with the rejuvenating power of Argent Energy.[1]

The Maykrs are often seen as divine beings by other races, most notably the culture of Argent D'Nur. Urdak's name is said to match words for "paradise" or "heaven" in hundreds of different languages throughout the universe, and their iconography have influenced many religions among the races encountered by the Maykrs.[2]

Urdak exists in an anchor state, locked in a static position relative to other dimensions at a sub-quantum level using advanced technology. This essentially inverts Urdak's position in relation to Hell, meaning these planes of existence are fixed outside of the bounds of the known universe, which makes the Maykrs refer to them as 'lower' and 'higher' reality.[2] Creatures from Urdak cannot enter Hell, and demons cannot enter Urdak. However, after the Icon of Sin is awakened inside of Urdak, this holy seal is broken and demons are able to pass into Urdak.


Urdak is the creation of a mysterious being called "The Father". According to entries in Maykr texts, one of the first locations created in Urdak was the Luminarium, a structure that housed the Engines of Creation.[3] Given the Maykrs were created by Davoth to find out the secrets of immortality, it's likely that this account is accurate as the Engine and Life Sphere technology can grant immortality. After the Father's betrayal of Davoth, he had the records of Urdak altered to remove any references to Davoth being their creator. At some point, the Maykrs learned of the Doom Slayer. The Khan Maykr's investigation of the "Others" caused the invasion of demons, even threatening Urdak. Under orders from the Father, a Maykr known as the Seraphim betrayed Urdak and stole the Father's essence, which crippled the whole of Urdak, forcing the Maykrs to rely on Argent Energy.[2]

The Maykrs contacted the Argenta of Argent D'Nur and offered them an eternal resting place in Urdak, in return for their loyalty. Aided by Maykr technology, the Argenta conquered many worlds and built a vast empire to spread the word of the Maykrs, only for the Night Sentinels to discover the true source of the Argent Energy that sustained the Maykrs: vast "Soul Spires" constructed by forced labor in Hell that processed the souls of the innocent. This was a result of a pact between the Khan Maykr and the Dark Lord of Hell, by which the former promised the latter an unlimited number of mortal bodies to be transformed into demons far more quickly than normal, in exchange for the Soul Spires being allowed to operate unmolested.

The Doom Slayer acted against Urdak after the Khan Maykr masterminded the demonic invasion of Earth to harvest human souls for Argent Energy. While the Khan attempted to appeal to the Slayer that this was simply the natural order of things, he fought his way to the Soul Spire in Nekravol, the Citadel, and through the portal at its summit took the battle to the glittering towers of Urdak itself.

Urdak ultimately fell to invasion from Hell due to the Khan Maykr's attempt to awaken the Icon of Sin within the city and the Doom Slayer's interruption of the awakening. The Slayer destroyed the Icon of Sin's heart, which would have allowed the Khan Maykr to contain and control the demon. The Titan broke free, unsealing the barrier between Urdak and Hell, while the Slayer killed the Khan Maykr herself in combat. The demons of Hell immediately ended their pact with the Maykrs and invaded Urdak.

Despite the death of the Icon of Sin, the demonic invasion of Urdak did not cease, causing Hell to gain indefinite access of Urdak's transcendent technology and even Argent Energy itself. This gives the demons of Hell near unstoppable power and poses a threat to all of existence. In order to cease any more harm, Samur Maykr and the Doom Slayer head to retrieve the Father's life sphere. Though the Doom Slayer instead retrieves the sphere of Davoth. Samur transfigured attempts to stop the slayer from resurrecting the Dark Lord, but inevitably fails.

With the Dark Lord brought back to physical form, the demons of Hell revitalize the kingdom of Immora with Urdak's power. The Doom Slayer with the aid of the Father and a UAC intern, access Immora with the Gate of Divum along with all the Night Sentinels of Argent D'Nur. With the Dark Lord defeated by the slayer in ritual combat, any and all demons outside of hell are destroyed and can never return, including Urdak. With Urdak being free of demonic influence and the Dark Lord being no more, the Father along with the Ancient Gods return to Urdak and thrive once more.