On June 17, 2007, John Romero released a collection of Doom music created by Bobby Prince that was not used in the final game, via his personal website A few of them are older versions of tracks used in Doom and Doom II; in some cases, the bases for these songs are more evident, whereas the final versions are altered to make the similarities less apparent. They have since been used in various PWADs.

File Length Notes Based on
opening.mid 1:03 older version of D_OPENIN - originally the title screen music for Doom, replaced with d_intro for retail
un08.mid 0:48 older version of D_E3M8 S.O.D. "Sargent D & the S.O.D."
un09.mid 0:40
un12.mid 0:13 S.O.D. "Pi Alpha Nu"
un13.mid 1:13 S.O.D. "Milano Mosh"
un14.mid 1:03 S.O.D. "Pi Alpha Nu"
un15.mid 0:54 finished version appears in Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Bachman-Turner Overdrive "Let It Ride"
un16.mid 0:28 S.O.D. "Speak English or Die"
un17.mid 1:16 Slayer "Raining Blood"
un18.mid 0:57 Slayer "Silent Scream"
un19.mid 1:36 older version of D_E1M9 Alice in Chains"We Die Young"
un20.mid 2:06 Alice in Chains "Man in the Box"
un21-f.mid 2:42 Stone Temple Pilots "Dead & Bloated"
un23.mid 1:39 older version of D_IN_CIT Stone Temple Pilots "Sex Type Thing"
un28.mid 1:38 older version of D_AMPIE Alice in Chains "Them Bones"
un30.mid 1:16
un31.mid 0:52 Soundgarden "Rusty Cage"
un32.mid 2:38 Soundgarden "Outshined"
un36.mid 1:16 originally assigned to E3M6 Soundgarden "Slaves & Bulldozers"
un37.mid 0:58 older version of D_E3M2 Judas Priest "Leather Rebel"
un39.mid 0:23 Alice in Chains "Rain When I Die"
un41.mid 1:27 Alice in Chains "Rooster"
un42.mid 1:49 Alice in Chains "Junkhead"
un43.mid 2:19 Alice in Chains "Dirt"
un44.mid 1:47 older version of D_E2M1 AC/DC "Big Gun"
un45.mid 2:07 Alice in Chains "God Smack"
un46.mid 1:55 older version of D_ADRIAN Alice in Chains "Angry Chair"
un48.mid 2:02 older version of D_E3M3 Slayer "Behind the Crooked Cross"
un49.mid 4:32 older version of D_E1M3
un51.mid 1:19 Pantera "Walk"
un52.mid 2:04 older version of D_SHAWN Slayer "South of Heaven"

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