"The Unmaykr - Pure Maykr technology. Inspired by Sentinel weaponry and refined by their divine intellect. Its destructive potential... is staggering." - Samuel Hayden describing the Unmaykr.

The Unmaykr is a weapon in Doom Eternal. It is unlocked in The Fortress of Doom after obtaining all six Empyrean Keys by completing all of the Slayer Gates. Although it is a returning weapon from Doom 64, this time the weapon is spelled "Unmaykr", which is a nod towards the Khan Maykr's name and the Maykr race introduced in Doom Eternal.

The Unmaykr uses the same ammo as the BFG, and can be fired 30 times per BFG ammo pickup.

Tactical analysis


Arc spread of the Unmakyr’s firing cycle

"A uniquely powerful weapon, the Unmaykr is kept under lock and key inside the Fortress of Doom. Inspired by Sentinel weapon technology, this celestial firearm was created in Urdak by the ingenious invention of the Maykrs themselves.

Upon activation of the weapon, shutter-ports slide open, and the Unmaykr immediately begins launching rapid-fire volleys of condensed tri-directional Argent bolts. The destructive potential of this alien superweapon is rivaled only by the BFG." - Codex Description

The Unmaykr is fully automatic and possesses a high rate of fire. Each trigger pull fires 3 projectiles in a horizontal arc. During continuous fire, the width of the arc expands with each shot in a 3 stage cycle before returning to its original width and restarting the cycle. This can be seen by firing at a wall and observing the scorch marks. Unlike the BFG 9000, the Unmaykr only consumes 1 ammo per shot, though its high fire rate can rapidly consume ammo reserves.

In-game, the Unmaykr is extremely effective against all demon types, including bosses. It is especially effective against tightly clustered groups and larger demons such as the Mancubus. Due to its projectile spread, the Unmakyr is most effective at close to mid-range. However, it is not an instant kill weapon and heavier enemies require more shots to kill. This should be noted for higher difficulties, especially when near death. Caution should also be used against highly mobile and flying enemies to avoid wasting ammo.

Although it lacks the instant room-clearing ability of the BFG, the Unmaykr can be an devastating weapon in the hands of a skilled player. Additionally, its direct fire allows players to be selective of their targets. Ironically, this feature makes the Unmaykr an ammo-saving alternative to the BFG, despite its high ammo consumption. Players can reserve the weapon for groups or stronger enemies and deal with the rest using conventional weapons, thus saving ammo for later encounters. Should the player be surrounded, the Unmaykr is an excellent weapon to quickly carve a path to safety, especially if near death.


  • The Unmaykr is especially effective against Marauders, only requiring 2 stun and attack cycles to kill.
  • Finishing an enemy off with the Unmaykr will instantly gib them.
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