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The Doom 64 Unmaker, on MAP28: The Absolution

The Doom 64 Unmaker being used against an Arachnotron, on MAP23: Unholy Temple

"What the !@#%* is this!"
Doom 64 when collecting the weapon.

The Unmaker (aka Unmaykr or Laser) is a weapon found in Doom 64 and Doom Eternal.


Doom 64

The Unmaker's appearance in Doom 64 has a demonic theme, though the relation between the weapon and the demons remains a mystery. Once fully upgraded, it is arguably considered the most powerful weapon in the series, able to rapidly fire a spread of lasers that cause high amounts of damage. The Unmaker can be upgraded by playing through the secret maps and acquiring the Demon Keys to upgrade it's firepower. The weapon is especially effective against the Mother Demon on Map 28: The Absolution and the "Resurrector" on Map 39: Final Judgement once all three keys are obtained.

Doom Eternal

The Unmaker reappears in Doom Eternal as the Unmaykr. It is built with Maykr technology, inspired by Sentinel weaponry and refined by the the Maykrs' divine intellect. In contrast to its Doom 64 design, the weapon has a distinctly "angelic" appearance like that of the Maykrs. Its fire rate and spread is similar to its Doom 64 incarnation with all Demon Keys unlocked, firing three projectiles per shot with a high rate of fire. The Unmakyr is unlocked in the Fortress of Doom by obtaining all six Empyrean Keys.

Behind the scenes

It was originally a weapon from the Doom Bible which was originally intended to be in Doom, but was subsequently removed. However, it later appeared in Doom 64.

According to the Doom Bible, the Unmaker was intended to be a demon-tech weapon made of demon bones. The Dark Claw and Unmaker feed on human souls so killing possessed humans or hellslaves allows the weapons to feed.[1] This idea was later used in Doom 3's Soul Cube and Resurrection of Evil's The Artifact.