Unmaker Doom64 1

The Doom 64 Unmaker, on MAP28: The Absolution

Unmaker Doom64 2

The Doom 64 Unmaker being used against an Arachnotron, on MAP23: Unholy Temple

"What the !@#%* is this!"
Doom 64 when collecting the weapon.

The Unmaker (aka Unmaykr or Laser) is a weapon found in Doom 64 and Doom Eternal.


Doom 64

Doom Eternal

The Unmaker reappears in Doom Eternal now known as the Unmaykr.

Behind the scenes

It was originally a weapon from the Doom Bible which was originally intended to be in Doom, but was subsequently removed. However, it later appeared in Doom 64.

According to the Doom Bible, the Unmaker was intended to be a "demon-tech weapon that hurts pure demons a lot, demon-humans very little, tech demons some. Made of demon bones. (...) The Dark Claw and Unmaker feed on human souls. Killing possessed humans or hellslaves allows the weapons to feed".[1] This idea was later used in Doom 3's Soul Cube.


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