UV pacifist is a Compet-N speedrunning category. The objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible, in Ultra-Violence, with the following restrictions: not harming monsters directly (no shooting, chainsawing, or punching monsters), and not harming monsters indirectly (no destroying barrels that hurt monsters, no activating crushers that hurt monsters). Causing monsters to attack each other is permitted, as are unintentional telefrags. Firing weapons is also permitted, provided no monster is damaged.

Current records

Ultimate Doom

E1M1: Hangar00:09Thomas "Panter"
E1M2: Nuclear Plant00:23Xit
E1M3: Toxin Refinery (normal exit)00:50Adam
E1M3: Toxin Refinery (secret exit)04:15Anders
E1M4: Command Control00:12Adam
E1M5: Phobos Lab01:14Adam
E1M6: Central Processing01:44Drew "stx-Vile"
E1M7: Computer Station01:46Drew "stx-Vile"
E1M8: Phobos Anomaly02:29Oyvind
E1M9: Military Base00:33Selim "Bastard"
E2M1: Deimos Anomaly00:39Adam
E2M2: Containment Area00:14Marijo "Sedlo"
E2M3: Refinery00:32Václav "Bolton" Kuneš
E2M4: Deimos Lab00:41Adam
E2M5: Command Center (normal exit)00:27Adam
E2M5: Command Center (secret exit)00:24Jonathan
E2M6: Halls of the Damned02:13Adam
E2M7: Spawning Vats00:19Jonathan
E2M8: Tower of Babel 2
E2M9: Fortress of Mystery00:06Marijo "Sedlo"
E3M1: Hell Keep00:48Radek
E3M2: Slough of Despair00:12Marijo "Sedlo"
E3M3: Pandemonium00:22Marijo "Sedlo"
E3M4: House of Pain00:39Adam
E3M5: Unholy Cathedral00:24Adam
E3M6: Mt. Erebus (normal exit)00:49Thomas "Panter"
E3M6: Mt. Erebus (secret exit)00:06Adam
E3M7: Limbo00:57Drew "stx-Vile"
E3M8: Dis01:07Steffen "Rini"
E3M9: Warrens01:37Radek
E4M1: Hell Beneath02:50Vincent Catalaá
E4M2: Perfect Hatred (normal exit)00:17Jakub "method_man"
E4M2: Perfect Hatred (secret exit)00:22Adam
E4M3: Sever the Wicked00:08Marijo "Sedlo"
E4M4: Unruly Evil00:37Vincent Catalaá
E4M5: They Will Repent00:30Václav "Bolton" Kuneš
E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly 1
E4M7: And Hell Followed00:12Jonathan
E4M8: Unto The Cruel01:27Radek
E4M9: Fear00:09Marijo "Sedlo"

Doom II

MAP01: Entryway00:05Thomas "Panter"
MAP02: Underhalls 1
MAP03: The Gantlet00:28Adam
MAP04: The Focus00:37Adam
MAP05: The Waste Tunnels00:27Václav "Bolton" Kuneš
MAP06: The Crusher01:13Jakub "method_man"
MAP07: Dead Simple00:41Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP08: Tricks and Traps00:22Jonathan
MAP09: The Pit01:06Václav "Bolton" Kuneš
MAP10: Refueling Base00:28Václav "Bolton" Kuneš
MAP11: Circle of Death00:47Radek
MAP12: The Factory00:43Henning
MAP13: Downtown01:57Jakub "method_man"
MAP14: The Inmost Dens00:20Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP15: Industrial Zone (normal exit)02:23Xit
MAP15: Industrial Zone (secret exit)00:31Vincent Catalaá
MAP16: Suburbs00:11Adam
MAP17: Tenements 1
MAP18: The Courtyard00:21Juho "ocelot"
MAP19: The Citadel00:41Adam
MAP20: Gotcha!00:36Adam
MAP21: Nirvana00:28Kim "N.C."
MAP22: The Catacombs01:03Oyvind
MAP23: Barrels o' Fun00:51Adam
MAP24: The Chasm00:33Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlić
MAP25: Bloodfalls00:46Jaromír "Jacih" Čihá
MAP26: The Abandoned Mines 1
MAP27: Monster Condo00:11Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlić
MAP28: The Spirit World00:45Radek
MAP29: The Living End02:21Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP30: Icon of Sin 2
MAP31: Wolfenstein (normal exit)00:30Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP31: Wolfenstein (secret exit)00:32Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP32: Grosse00:23Radek

TNT: Evilution

MAP01: System Control00:35David "mr.twister"
MAP02: Human BBQ01:12Adam
MAP03: Power Control01:41Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP04: Wormhole02:17Xit
MAP05: Hanger 1
MAP06: Open Season 1
MAP07: Prison01:34Xit
MAP08: Metal 1
MAP09: Stronghold 1
MAP10: Redemption 1
MAP11: Storage Facility00:21Xit
MAP12: Crater00:39Juho "ocelot"
MAP13: Nukage Processing02:10Xit
MAP14: Steel Works 1
MAP15: Dead Zone (normal exit)00:17Xit
MAP15: Dead Zone (secret exit)00:17Xit
MAP16: Deepest Reaches02:30Xit
MAP17: Processing Area00:35Vincent Catalaá
MAP18: Mill02:06Xit
MAP19: Shipping/Respawning00:54Adam
MAP20: Central Processing05:29Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP21: Administration Center03:04Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP22: Habitat00:17Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP23: Lunar Mining Project00:31Xit
MAP24: Quarry00:41David "mr.twister"
MAP25: Baron's Den 1
MAP26: Ballistyx 1
MAP27: Mount Pain02:22Xit
MAP28: Heck 1
MAP29: River Styx04:35Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP30: Last Call02:04Eugene
MAP31: Pharaoh (normal exit)00:28Xit
MAP31: Pharaoh (secret exit)00:32Xit
MAP32: Caribbean03:42Drew "stx-Vile"

The Plutonia Experiment

MAP01: Congo00:11Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP02: Well of Souls00:50Vincent Catalaá
MAP03: Aztec01:23Xit
MAP04: Caged00:51Adam
MAP05: Ghost Town00:41Xit
MAP06: Baron's Lair01:10Jakub "method_man"
MAP07: Caughtyard 1
MAP08: Realm02:39Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP09: Abattoire01:34Jakub "method_man"
MAP10: Onslaught00:24Adam
MAP11: Hunted00:49Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP12: Speed00:37Casey
MAP13: The Crypt00:44Adam
MAP14: Genesis00:25Adam
MAP15: The Twilight (normal exit)00:28Adam
MAP15: The Twilight (secret exit)00:28Adam
MAP16: The Omen00:20Juho "ocelot"
MAP17: Compound00:08Marijo "Sedlo"
MAP18: Neurosphere00:14Adam
MAP19: NME01:48Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP20: The Death Domain00:43Adam
MAP21: Slayer00:28Casey
MAP22: Impossible Mission04:07Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP23: Tombstone01:39Adam
MAP24: The Final Frontier00:51Adam
MAP25: The Temple of Darkness01:50Drew "stx-Vile"
MAP26: Bunker00:48Xit
MAP27: Anti-Christ00:48Xit
MAP28: The Sewers01:38Xit
MAP29: Odyssey of Noises01:07Adam
MAP30: The Gateway of Hell 3
MAP31: Cyberden02:45Adam
MAP32: Go 2 It01:28Drew "stx-Vile"
  1. Uncompleted as of the most recent Compet-N database update.
  2. The design of this map prevents its completion in the UV pacifist style.
  3. Although Compet-N maintains a UV pacifist competition for this level, its design prevents its completion using the above listed restrictions.
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