UV -respawn is a Compet-N speedrunning category. The objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible, in Ultra-Violence with the -respawn parameter, with 100% kills or more and with 100% secrets.

Current records

Ultimate Doom

E1M1: Hangar00:32Radek
E1M2: Nuclear Plant01:40Adam
E1M3: Toxin Refinery02:27Radek
E1M4: Command Control01:35Radek
E1M5: Phobos Lab02:39Radek
E1M6: Central Processing03:36Radek
E1M7: Computer Station02:31Radek
E1M8: Phobos Anomaly 1
E1M9: Military Base02:15Radek
E2M1: Deimos Anomaly01:15Adam
E2M2: Containment Area02:59Radek
E2M3: Refinery02:07Radek
E2M4: Deimos Lab03:48Radek
E2M5: Command Center03:47Radek
E2M6: Halls of the Damned03:46Radek
E2M7: Spawning Vats03:36Radek
E2M8: Tower of Babel 2,3
E2M9: Fortress of Mystery00:52Adam
E3M1: Hell Keep01:07Adam
E3M2: Slough of Despair01:55Radek
E3M3: Pandemonium02:14Radek
E3M4: House of Pain04:09Radek
E3M5: Unholy Cathedral02:44Radek
E3M6: Mt. Erebus02:07Radek
E3M7: Limbo01:45Radek
E3M8: Dis 3,4
E3M9: Warrens01:54Radek
E4M1: Hell Beneath01:37Radek
E4M2: Perfect Hatred01:11Selim "Bastard"
E4M3: Sever the Wicked01:58Radek Pecka2001-12-07r4m3-158.zip5
E4M4: Unruly Evil01:27Radek
E4M5: They Will Repent01:54Radek
E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly02:43Radek
E4M7: And Hell Followed01:50Radek Pecka2001-11-25r4m7-150.zip6
E4M8: Unto The Cruel 1
E4M9: Fear01:59Radek

Doom II

MAP01: Entryway00:44Xit Vono2005-01-19re01-044.zip7
MAP02: Underhalls01:10Radek
MAP03: The Gantlet01:29Zvonimir Bužanić (fx)
MAP04: The Focus01:09Radek
MAP05: The Waste Tunnels02:27Radek
MAP06: The Crusher02:27Henning
MAP07: Dead Simple00:48Adam
MAP08: Tricks and Traps02:04David "mr.twister"
MAP09: The Pit05:24Anders
MAP10: Refueling Base03:25Radek
MAP11: Circle of Death02:15Radek
MAP12: The Factory03:19Henning
MAP13: Downtown03:51Jakub "method_man"
MAP14: The Inmost Dens01:37Henning Skogsto2000-03-22re14-137.zip3
MAP15: Industrial Zone04:52Henning Skogsto1999-09-04re15-452.zip5
MAP16: Suburbs02:11Henning
MAP17: Tenements04:08Henning
MAP18: The Courtyard02:37Radek
MAP19: The Citadel04:32Jakub "method_man"
MAP20: Gotcha!02:47Jakub "method_man"
MAP21: Nirvana02:15Henning Skogsto2000-04-05re21-215.zip3
MAP22: The Catacombs01:27Radek
MAP23: Barrels o' Fun01:53Adam
MAP24: The Chasm05:07Henning
MAP25: Bloodfalls01:30Radek
MAP26: The Abandoned Mines02:32Jakub "method_man"
MAP27: Monster Condo02:52Radek Pecka2002-03-03re27-252.zip8
MAP28: The Spirit World02:18Radek
MAP29: The Living End02:56Ian Sutton1999-10-24re29-256.zip3
MAP30: Icon of Sin00:30Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic2002-02-23re30-030.zip3
MAP31: Wolfenstein02:22Radek
MAP32: Grosse00:34Adam

TNT: Evilution

MAP01: System Control00:47Radek
MAP02: Human BBQ06:17Xit
MAP03: Power Control02:56Radek
MAP04: Wormhole06:55Xit
MAP05: Hanger05:35Xit
MAP06: Open Season02:54Jakub "method_man"
MAP07: Prison04:50Xit
MAP08: Metal05:31Xit
MAP09: Stronghold 9
MAP10: Redemption01:57Radek
MAP11: Storage Facility02:58Jakub "method_man"
MAP12: Crater04:35Xit
MAP13: Nukage Processing03:22Xit
MAP14: Steel Works06:18Xit
MAP15: Dead Zone03:22Eugene
MAP16: Deepest Reaches04:23Laura "BahdKo"
MAP17: Processing Area02:36Jakub "DooMerMan"
MAP18: Mill07:44Xit
MAP19: Shipping/Respawning05:03Xit
MAP20: Central Processing 9
MAP21: Administration Center 9
MAP22: Habitat06:10Casey
MAP23: Lunar Mining Project 9
MAP24: Quarry 9
MAP25: Baron's Den06:00Chris "Ryback"
MAP26: Ballistyx05:41Chris "Ryback"
MAP27: Mount Pain 9
MAP28: Heck04:42Chris "Ryback"
MAP29: River Styx06:09Jakub "method_man"
MAP30: Last Call02:53Casey
MAP31: Pharaoh03:27Casey Alvis2002-12-24er31-327.zip10
MAP32: Caribbean05:22Chris "Ryback"

The Plutonia Experiment

MAP01: Congo02:26Radek
MAP02: Well of Souls01:54Adolf "Gusta" Vojta2003-03-12pr02-154.zip3
MAP03: Aztec03:49Casey
MAP04: Caged04:17Xit
MAP05: Ghost Town03:05Xit
MAP06: Baron's Lair03:41Xit
MAP07: Caughtyard02:37Casey
MAP08: Realm06:19Xit
MAP09: Abattoire03:45Jakub "method_man"
MAP10: Onslaught03:10Jakub "method_man"
MAP11: Hunted03:49Radek
MAP12: Speed 9
MAP13: The Crypt03:03Xit
MAP14: Genesis 9
MAP15: The Twilight 9
MAP16: The Omen 3,9
MAP17: Compound 9
MAP18: Neurosphere 9
MAP19: NME 9
MAP20: The Death Domain 9
MAP21: Slayer01:17Casey Alvis2002-09-17pr29-117.zip3
MAP22: Impossible Mission 9
MAP23: Tombstone 9
MAP24: The Final Frontier02:32Jakub "method_man"
MAP25: The Temple of Darkness 9
MAP26: Bunker 9,11
MAP27: Anti-Christ 9
MAP28: The Sewers07:58Chris "Ryback"
MAP29: Odyssey of Noises05:13Casey
MAP30: The Gateway of Hell00:58Casey Alvis2003-08-04pr30-058.zip3
MAP31: Cyberden08:43Xit
MAP32: Go 2 It02:40Jakub "method_man"
  1. Compet-N does not maintain a UV -respawn competition for this level; the reasons for this are unclear. [1]
  2. For this level, the requirements of UV max and UV -respawn are equivalent, so only the former category is tabulated by Compet-N.
  3. There are no secret sectors on this level, so the criterion involving the secret tally is ignored.
  4. Compet-N considers the requirements of UV max and UV -respawn to be equivalent here, and maintains only the former competition. (This is something of a judgement call, obviously. While it is true that the Spider Mastermind must be killed in order to end the level even with -respawn turned on, it is also possible for the smaller monsters to reappear and get in the way before the boss has been killed — conceivably, in fact, monster infighting could continue to damage the Spider Mastermind for as long as the player cared to stand and watch.)
  5. Due to design bugs in this level, it is not possible to enter every secret sector. A demo may qualify for inclusion in the Compet-N archive by tallying 90% secrets.
  6. Due to design bugs in this level, it is not possible to enter every secret sector. A demo may qualify for inclusion in the Compet-N archive by tallying 50% secrets.
  7. The HTML version of the Compet-N database misstates the duration of this file as 00:42.
  8. Due to design bugs in this level, it is not possible to enter every secret sector. A demo may qualify for inclusion in the Compet-N archive by tallying 87% secrets.
  9. Uncompleted as of the most recent Compet-N database update.
  10. Players are permitted to use the official patch file (see Yellow keycard bug for details) when recording demos for this level.
  11. Due to design bugs in this level, it is not possible to enter every secret sector. A demo may qualify for inclusion in the Compet-N archive by tallying 75% secrets.
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