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Unreal Doom for UT (also known as UDoom) was an Unreal Tournament fan-made Doom Total Conversion/Mod. It attempted to recreate the Doom weapons, some of the levels for Deathmatch, CTF and DOM game modes, even tried to recreate the Doom monsters using the Unreal AI and 3D models with a functional coop mode.

Although a conceptual alpha was released, the mod was cancelled after the leaders of the project were contacted by id Software and asked to stop the project (due to copyright / trademark violations).

One project ("Rising Hell") attempts to continue the work by refocusing the aims on recreating Freedoom in UT. Some of the other material survives in the form of texture and weapon packs for UT.


  • Unreal Doom logo intro rising from the inferno flames.
  • Recreation of Map01 from Dwango5.
  • Partial recreation of E1M1.
  • One original map : "Black mass"
  • Totally functional weapons (although with some bugs):
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Super Shotgun
  • An alternative Shotgun model, a SPAS-12 shotgun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Plasma Gun (even have a alone weapons mod that have this weapon)
  • BFG9000
  • Various decoration models from Doom.
  • Soul sphere, Invulnerability sphere, green and blue armor, life vials, and armor helmets, plus Doom ammo.
  • High-res textures from Freedoom and other Doom projects ported to UT
  • Basic UScript structure to show and create UnrealDoom on-line games


  • Luis "ZardoZ" - Project coleader, level maker, 3D modeler, and uscripter
  • "Abbs" - Doom Models and high-res textures.

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