UAC Military Nightmare 2

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UAC Military Nightmare 2 is a joke megawad for Doom 2 that was released by Jack101 in 2013. The project itself was planned for release in April of 2012, but due to real life issues, and lack of interest in the project, the date for released was pushed back. It is the unofficial sequel to UAC Military Nightmare.

This jokewad, although retaining what made Terry's wads famous, can be more serious at times, and while many enemies can fire at the player at the same time, not a lot of them can actually kill the marine in one shot (although the Nightmare difficulty is replaced by a new difficulty that enables this for all monsters). This wad contains 31 new levels, including two secret levels and three levels that serve as cutscenes.


After a prologue which recaps the events before the first UAC Military Nightmare, the story picks up at the last level of the first wad, the Good-Guy Hallways. Then, after defeating a high-ranking enemy (who the marine had already met in the first wad), the player assumes the role of another marine in a waste refinery. From this point on, the plot will unfold slowly and the player will meet multiple characters.


There are two new weapons :

  • the Flamethrower, which is pretty self-explanatory. Uses fuel canisters.
  • the Repeater, which fires hitscan, ochre plasma shots at a rapid rate. It needs to cool down after firing it for awhile. Powered by cells.

The Railgun also gets a new, secondary mode, which allows the player to use a scope and fire a particularly powerful rail slug. Unfortunately, activating the scope alerts nearby enemies, because it counts as a shot on its own.

The marine can pick up Skulltag runes and use them at will (which means there is an item inventory); but most importantly, there is a currency system: the player can pick up gold to buy runes and weapons in a shop (held by a smug, but rather amusing arms dealer).

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