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The UAC Atlantica Facility, or simply UAC Atlantica or Atlantica, is the first mission of The Ancient Gods - Part One, the first DLC of Doom Eternal.

The player starts with all weapons and arsenal, Praetor suit, and Sentinel Crystal upgrades from Doom Eternal, with the exception of the Crucible whose blade was left in the Icon of Sin. There is a Slayer Gate and two Secret Encounters as in many of the levels in the main game.


In it, the Doom Slayer tries to gain access to the Seraphim's Key, guided by Dr. Samuel Hayden and the Intern, whilst battling the armies of Hell, that try to stop the slayer, as Hayden himself stated "The UAC won't hand over the seraphim without a fight".

The Atlantica facility is a gigantic facility the UAC used for climate and environmental research purposes. It is set in the middle of an expansive ocean weathered by constant rain and thunderstorms. Hundreds of scientists worked and researched here, during the world wide energy crisis, before the discovery of Argent Energy. There was a second facility, obscured below the ocean which was concealed to everyone, including the workers of the Atlantican facility. This part of the facility secures the original body of the Seraphim, after he transferred his consciousness into a robotic body, and became known as 'Samuel Hayden' so that he may move freely through the populace.

The facility tries to conceal the body of the Seraphim, that the doom slayer is tasked to seek so that Urdak may be free of the demons control. It later self destructs and destroys itself by exploding after the Doom Slayer gets the body of the Seraphim.


  • Get the Seraphim's Key
  • Locate the Seraphim

New Enemies[]



  • Completing both secret encounters in this level unlocks the Industrial Espionage skin for the Doom Slayer. Additionally, completing the level on Nightmare unlocks a new main menu background.
  • This level is the only one in either of the Ancient Gods DLCs to have keys.