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Tycho Station is the first level in Doom 2 RPG. It is named after a real-life crater in the Moon (along with the other two levels on the Moon) and possibly, the station was built over it.


Tycho Station is the first level in Doom 2 RPG. Tycho Station is an simple level introducing various game play elements to the player.

Be sure to loot all encountered corpses. Also be sure to put away your chainsaw when doing this.



Tycho station

Map, with secret areas in yellow

  1. After the opening cinematic head east. You will meet a civilian. Loot the corpse for a blue keycard.
  2. Open the door to the east with the keycard. You will meet a startled scientist. After eliminating the enemy you can follow the scientist to find UAC credits, this is optional and does not count as a secret.
  3. Heading east you will arrive at a crossway. Open the southern door and enter.
  4. Immediately upon entering the room, head towards the eastmost wall. Walk along the wall to pick up the chainsaw. Doing so will give you the chainsaw without the need to confront enemies in the southern room. Enter the southmost room; push the southern wall for a secret. Head back north to the crossway.
  5. Head north from the crossway. Enter the lavatory area. Pick up the red keycard, and push the wall behind it for the second and final secret. Head back to the crossway.
  6. Use the red keycard, and negotiate with SAL to cross the bridge.
  7. Continue east, then turn south, then east again. Pass the windowed area, and head south toward the vending machine. Turn west before the vending machine and head toward the Power Substation door.
  8. Enter the Power Substation and eliminate all threats. Open the door to the north and engage the bridge control computer, which will fail. Head back to the Power Substation.
  9. Engage the computers until power is restored. Exit to the north and raise the bridge. You will meet Caldex.
  10. Cross the bridge and continue north towards the cargo bay doors, negotiating enemies en route.
  11. Enter the cargo bay, and open the massive doors. Enter the Tycho Station Maglev to the east to head to Cichus Base.


  • 2 Total: 15,24 - 13,10


  • 2 secrets
  • 30 monsters

Map data[]


  • Blue Door
  • Red Door