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Traductus in his tomb.

Traductus is one of the second last bosses found in Hexen.

Traductus is the Grand Patriarch of the Church and aligned himself with Korax in return for eternal life. Like Menelkir and Zedek, he can be battled at any time in the fifth hub. He uses Wraithverge, so players attacking him should have a sufficient supply of Icons of the Defender or Discs of Repulsion. Discs of Repulsion or the Cleric's Wraithverge work well, since the Discs of Repulsion will cause the ghosts to turn against Traductus rather than hurt the player. Much like Zedek and Menelkir he moves in an erratic strafe-like movement during combat, making him harder to hit. Traductus has 800 hit points, and killing him rewards the player with the Holy Relic, which must be returned to the Necropolis upon collection.