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Torment and Torture, by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer, is one of the most popular WAD series for ZDoom. The Ultimate Torment & Torture (TUTNT) requires GZDoom (for 3D floor) while Ultimate Torment & Torture Invasion requires Skulltag (for the Invasion game mode).


The Opening Abyss[]

This "episode" consists in a single map, entitled simply "Torment and Torture" in the original release and "The Opening Abyss" in the compilation.

The Armory of Pain[]

Another single-map episode, named "The Armory of Pain" in both stand-alone release and compilation.

The Cursed Peak[]

In the stand-alone release, this is a single map entitled "Fortress of Damnation". In the compilation, there are three maps, the first two being part of a hub named "The Cursed Peak" and the last being named "The Evil Heart".

Into the Darkness[]

This episode is exclusive to the compilation and contains four maps: "Into the Darkness", "Beyond the Dark Portal", and two variants of "The Beginning and the End" which are visited respectively at the beginning and at the end of the episode.

In addition to these maps, the compilation also contains three specialized maps: a titlemap, an intermap and a credit map.

The Fury of Fire[]

This is another single-map episode, named "The Fury of Fire" in both stand-alone release and compilation.


The Invasion episode contains five maps:

  1. Tech Center
  2. Steel Processing
  3. Damnation Keep
  4. Out of Control
  5. Ultimately Simplified

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