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Tome of Power in e3m1

Tome of Power in e3m1

The Tyketto's Tome of Power' is an artifact that appears in Heretic, Heretic II and Hexen II. It looks like a black book with a skull on the cover. Activating the Tome of Power gives all of the weapons their power mode for 40 seconds. The Tome of Power can also restore players to their normal state if they have been transformed into a chicken by the Morph Ovum. While the Tome of Power is active, players are also able to immediately leave teleporter pads after teleporting, without a delay.


  • The Tome of Power and Gauntlets of the Necromancer make a powerful combination. A player being healed by powered-up gauntlets will rarely be killed unless surrounded by enemies.

Power Modes of Heretic Weapons[]

  • Staff - Becomes surrounded by blue energy that gives it increased power, in addition to a powerful knockback effect.
  • Gauntlets of the Necromancer - Their lightning becomes red, has increased range and transfers health from the enemies dealt damage by the player.
  • Elven Wand - Fires in a spread pattern, similar to Doom's shotgun, but with the addition of a pair of slower fireballs with each shot.
  • Ethereal Crossbow - The number of bolts fired with each shot increases to five, and the bolts are more powerful. Also, the weapon's firing rate increases slightly.
  • Dragon Claw - Slows down in firing rate, but each shot splits into a ring of spiked balls that tear through enemies.
  • Hellstaff - Slows down in firing rate, but causes a fiery substance to rain down over the area each bolt hits. The bolts can also home in on an enemy if one is in the line of fire. There can be a maximum of 2 such "cloud" formations. Further firing the powered-up Hellstaff destroys the oldest one.
  • Phoenix Rod - A short range flamethrower that deals heavy damage. Ammo is only used up when the player stops firing. If the player does not cease firing sooner, the weapon will do so automatically after 10 seconds.
  • Firemace - Fires huge steel balls that bounce around and deal severe damage, and will automatically kill any non-boss enemies with a single hit. They will also bounce in a seeking form, thus if a targeted monster dodges the first shot, it will bounce back at them from behind. It still disappears when it hits water.