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This article is about the Doom 3 enemy. For the timing unit in in the Doom engine, see tic.

The Tick is a small, spider-like enemy in Doom 3 that has similar attack patterns to the Trite. They appear only once in the Delta Complex, but they come in giant swarms. In Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, Ticks are encountered several times throughout the game, their last appearance occurring in Hell.

The only noteworthy differences between Ticks and Trites are aesthetic (although the Tick can jump slightly farther than the Trite). While Trites resemble an inverted demon head with "legs" made of extended fingers, Ticks appear more insect-like. What's more, while the Trite makes a deep, throaty roar, the Tick makes high-pitched chirps. Finally, while Trites curl up and burst into yellowish-green "spider juice" upon death, Tick corpses burn away like all other demons.

The Tick can't attack you if you're on a significantly higher vertical plane. For example, if a Tick is on the floor, you can render it useless by jumping onto a bunk bed. If closely examined using a cheat, a small humanesque face can be seen on its head.


  • The Doom 3 Game Guide states that the Tick inflicts a whopping 50 points of damage, whereas in game, it is only 5-10.
  • Ticks are the final normal enemy to be encountered in Doom 3.

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