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Threat Sensor Hi-Res Image

The Threat Sensor

The Threat Sensor is a device in DOOM which is available only in multiplayer mode. When thrown, attaches to a surface and highlights enemies within its radius.

"A reflected energy device [which] tunnels through walls to highlight obscured enemies."
― Equipment menu description


Both allied and enemy players can hear it beep when they are nearby, and it can be destroyed with weapons fire. It is a multiplayer-only equipment item, and recharges after use.

It's unknown why it takes so long to unlock (level 38) when it is basically just a weaker Threat Pulse. Thankfully, it does have at least one upside, which is that it can scan an area for far longer than a Threat Pulse.


  • The image taken of the Threat Sensor says that its name is the "UAC Threat Detector".