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The Void[]

"It is written by the Seraphs that when the void first appeared, the Father alone swept across it. New realities bloomed where he lingered, and when he stopped to rest, Urdak sprung forth from him. Here, the Father experimented until he created Jekkad, a realm superior to Urdak." -The Lamentations of the Seraphs

The Void is that which encompasses and contains everything in Doom, including Hell itself. The first of Davoth's "creations", it is a nonphysical construct beyond reality. The Engines of Creation, vast interdimensional structures in the void, spin out of the nonexistence of the void back into the physical world at the Luminarium.

Little else is known about it. As it is that which separates universes from one another, Interdimensional travel is often referred to as "Passing through the void". The higher beings above even Davoth that Hugo Martin has alluded to may very well "exist" beyond the void, if at all.