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The New Adventure


The New Adventure is a Jokewad for the ZDoom Source Port by Paul Corfiatis. It was released on March 26th, 2006. It contains 34 levels of which the boss on the final level is the creator himself. The WAD was heavily inspired by Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid, but was designed to be even funnier with large amounts of misspellings, horrible music, wall textures, and sound effects. It also includes unrealistic level design and some of the craziest and most frustrating jokes and messages.

New Enemies

  • Carmen - A fictional floating female human head is found in most levels. She replaces the Lost Soul and can be spawned from the Pain Elemental as well. Originally present in Death Tormention 3.
  • Jelly - Coloured spectres in MAP27, 28 and 29.
  • Marines - Doom players which attack you usually with the railgun.
  • Paul Corfiatis - A floating head of the author in MAP30 as the final boss. Shoots Cacodemon fireballs at a rapid rate and has 1500 hit points.


Work had originally begun on The New Adventure 2, but Corfiatis decided to axe the project because of people getting fed up of jokewads.